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Sales Manager

Requirment : � Appointing New Franchisees � Generating _____ through various marketing activities, ____ calling and campaigning. � Developing ___ franchise by planning and __________ meeting with exclusive investors / seminars and bringing strong _______ to the task of ________ new franchisee � Consulting the ___________ investors to take the _________. � Lead generation through data _________ on Social Networking sites ___ following up to source ___ business in the best ___ � Generating inquiries, coordinate and ______ up with leads till _____ closure. � Designing and __________ different proposals, aligning meetings ____ prospective lead and providing ____ full support till they ____ the agreement � Participate __ event and exhibition to ________ leads and creating a ________ to meet with prospective __________. � Scheduling and meeting the ________ from PAN India to _______ company's franchisee model and __ get them register � Explaining ________ model to every potential ________, giving them franchise related ___________, sending them the proposals, ______ follow-ups and referrals for _______ leads.

Employment Type: Permanent, Full-time
Location : Delhi,Bhubaneswar,Lucknow,Varanasi