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MACJ is a well known home inspection’s business brand in the real estate sector which has been providing services since its inception in the year 2000. Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections was started by Bill Redfern, the brand under his aegis has expanded massively and presently is operating in 19 cities through its 200 franchises. The company has been growing rapidly and has become a known brand in the business of home inspection. Presently, the brand is located in countries like United States, Canada, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Chile and India. MACJ alone in India in a span of 2 years has done over more than 1000 inspections in 7 major cities with a team of more than 100 team members.
The MACJ advantage lies in the fact that inspections of homes are done by experienced and trained real estate professionals who are well versed in the brand’s standard procedures for home inspections. Decisions and results are evaluated basis the technology driven reports along with value added additional services.

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Frantel is with clients at every step of the way and this has already helped us garner a lot of investors based on the trust and ease of business that we can provide. We welcome you for the best solutions and consultation for the expansion and development of your business.